Pre-Owned Equipment

Need equipment that is discontinued by the manufacturer?

Have shrinking budgets that don’t allow you to purchase new equipment?
Need to keep your current system up and running?
Long exhausting wait-times for equipment from distributors?

Branch Solutions has an extensive stock of Refurbished equipment and accessories.
Contact our sales team now for a quick and easy quote!

Why buy Pre-Owned equipment?

Extends the Life of Your Existing System
Huge Savings
Exceptional Quality and Performance
Wide Array of Makes and Models
Full Support
Extended Warranties Available



New Refurbished
Price Competitive Cost-Effective
Quality Brand New Good to Outstanding. Guaranteed to Perform to Manufacturer’s Specifications.
Support Full Support Full Support
Warranty Full Manufacturer Warranty 45-Day Warranty (Extended Warranties Available)
Availability Varies Due to Manufacturing From End-of-Life to New Product. Wide Array of All Makes and Models.