Many smart mobile devices these days include Near Field Communication (NFC) readers. Now, Zebra is adding NFC tags to its products, making it easy to pair with smart devices and also to launch apps.

For instance, our Link-OS™ Print Touch™-enabled applications use this contactless form of communication to make life easier, save customers time and reduce support costs. It’s a great example of Zebra’s Visible Value Chain in action: anyone with a smart device can effortlessly connect to their printer and then print, react and plan accordingly.

To take advantage of Link OS, just watch out for the Zebra Print Touch logo on the side of the printer’s case. This indicates the presence of a tag. Each tag is pre-recorded with information such as the model number, serial number and address information of the printer.

By using the Link-OS environment, software developers can create applications that are simple to use and provide quick access to information. With just a simple tap, Print Touch-enabled applications can pair with NFC-enabled devices and automatically launch.

For more information, please contact us at toll free 877-987-SCAN (7226).